The Story behind

the moose

Our mascot and static ambassador is a gnarly 12ft Wooden Moose that guards the road down to our distillery.

Left behind in July 2018 after a music festival that takes place a couple of fields over from the distillery, he’s been here ever since, keeping watch over the farm.

Made entirely of scrap wood and scaffolding, he regularly gets battered by wind and storms, slowly deteriorating ever since his arrival. Festival installations are rarely built to last

With his future looking sketchy, we immortalised the moose in our branding and across our range of flavourful rums so his legend can live on forever.

By drinking Wooden Moose rum, you’ll be keeping his spirit alive long after he’s gone. You can see more of the moose on our Instagram page:

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behind the scenes

the process

Step 1

We import two different single distillery rums from the Caribbean, one unaged and one aged for three years in ex bourbon casks from the US.

Step 2

When rum arrives at the distillery, we take the un-aged rum and let it rest over our special blend of spices for a week, before distilling it into a clear and delicate spiced rum.

Step 3

Our aged rum is left to rest over fruit, spices and other ingredients depending on the recipe, for up to three months.

Step 4

We carefully blend the distilled, clear spiced rum with our aged rum with which by this point is packed with flavour, give it all a light filter and it goes in bottles to be enjoyed across the country.

our favourite


The Daiquiri

The OG Rum Cocktail

The best way to enjoy Wooden Moose Rum is in a daiquiri. Not a strawberry daiquiri, not a frozen daiquiri. A classic damn daiquiri. Rum, lime, sugar. That’s it. If you take one thing away from this website, make it this cocktail recipe.


  • 50ml Wooden Moose Rum
  • 25ml freshly squeezed lime juice
  • 25ml sugar syrup (1 part sugar,1 part water.
    Mix until sugar dissolves)


You’re gonna wanna drink this cold. Put it in a shaker. Fill it with ice. Shake it. Hard. Strain it into anything that’ll hold it. You’ve just made your new favourite drink

The snaquiri

A fast, small and uncomplicated daiquiri perfect when you find yourself short of time, utensils or courage.

Snaq’s are the unsophisticated cousin of statesman that is the Daiquiri. You can make these at any time, in any place. No shaker? No problem. No Ice? No problem. You get the theme here.

Ingredients & method

You’ll need rum, lime and sugar in the ratios above. That’s 2:1:1 for anyone who wasn’t listening. anything that’ll hold it. You’ve just made your new favourite drink

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